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A Love Story Hailey Sikes

A Love Story

Hailey Sikes

Published March 4th 2010
ISBN : 9781450052306
198 pages
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 About the Book 

Derek had called a few days ago and invited me to go up to a cabin with a group of them over the 3 day weekend I agreed to go. There were 2 cars every seat was taken Derek was driving he looked behind him and said: Sidney why dont you sit on Scotts lap I am sure he wont mind. I looked at Scott who had been slouching in the back he straightened up his voice squeaked as he spoke: Sure that would be okay. So I climbed thru the crowded car and tried not to trip and fall onto him. Our eyes met, he moved his arms to accommodate me I put my right arm behind his neck as I went to sit on him. Let me know if I need to adjust. At first Scott sat ridged after a stop at the gas station for ice and snacks we were on our way to the cabin. Scott relaxed after a while and placed his arms around me. I sure did like how that felt. It took us about an hour and 45 minutes to get up there. I eventually ended up between Scotts legs and I leaned back against him with my head on his shoulder. Every once in a while he pointed out something beautiful in the scenery. There really wasnt a whole lot of room up at the cabin. It was a small 2 bedroom with a living room/kitchen. I didnt know most of the people there only Scott, Derek, and Chad. I was wondering why I had agreed to come up to the cabin everyone were seniors except for Scott and me. The older boys were trying to impress the girls, they were being obnoxious. I was sitting on a log kicking the dirt when Derek came up to me, Why are you sitting all alone? I looked at Derek he looked concerned I just dont really know anyone, I feel out of place. I was thinking about going on a hike there looks to be a trail over there. Thats a great idea, do you want some company? Derek looked behind him he saw his brother sitting on another log staring a stick in the ground. Yes that would be nice, I answered him. Derek stood and waved at Scott, he motioned for Scott to come over and join us. Derek really, really like Sidney the more he got to know her the more he liked her but he also knew that Sidney liked Scott and Scott liked Sidney so he decided that he would help them out since they seemed to be too shy to do anything about it themselves. Scott came over Derek mentions, Sidney would like to go on a hike on one of these paths, I do not think she should go alone. Scott nodded in agreement. I thought maybe you could go with her since I am going to start the grill in a little while. Scott was squinting his eyes- the sun was blinding him where he was standing. Sure sounds like fun. So we set out on the hike, the path wasnt very wide so I ended up leading the way. I had been spending a whole lot of time with Scott so I have started to come out of my shyness and I talked his ear off, he got in a word or two every now and then. I stopped abruptly at the sound of water, Scott had been looking down at the path so he walked right into me causing me to fall forward our legs tangling and we fell to the ground with Scott landing on my back side. I was face first in the dirt. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! Scott said as he tried to get off me. He was on his knees as I pushed myself up onto mine. Scott saw the dirt on my face and tried to wipe it off with the bottom of his shirt. I grabbed onto his hips and pushed him back enough to say- Scott its not working can you let me up. He backed up Sorry about that, I must have been smothering you. He had been in a way, I heard water rushing in that direction thats why I stopped. Lets go over there maybe I can rinse my face off. So we went over to the rushing water which turned out to be a river. I washed my face on the rivers edge Scott handed me his shirt to dry off with, apparently when I was not looking he had taken it off. We both had a few scrapes, we sat there watching the river flow after a few minutes Scott picked up a smooth rock and skipped it across the river he turned to me and asked: Have you ever skipped a rock before