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Now You See Me Now You Dont (The Zack Files #12) Dan Greenburg

Now You See Me Now You Dont (The Zack Files #12)

Dan Greenburg

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Terrence FaisonNow You See Me, Now You Don’tDan GreenburgFebruary 23, 2012The protagonist of this story is Zack. As I’ve said before, he’s scientific. Also he is very curious at times. Also he goes through weird things. So weird that you’d think that your day dreaming!Now the antagonist is Spencer which is his friend. Even though he didn’t do anything wrong, he still was one of the reasons that Zack disappeared. Spencer is the smartest kid in their school. His IQ is 1000 and he receives A’s on every assignment that is due. Lastly, he’s also scientific.The conflict was a big problem. Zack became invisible. He drinked something he thought was lemonade. But it was invisible juice from Spencer’s experiments. So after while he became invisible.The theme is very simple. The theme is to think before you do. Don’t touch anything so quick or else you’ll make a mistake. Also let others guide you the way before you run around their house touching things. And lastly, being so fast will cause you to take an arrow to the knee.This book took place in many places. The first place this story took was at Zack’s house when he first woke up. The second place took place at Spencer’s house when Zack had accidentally drinked the invisible juice. The next place took place at school when Zack wanted to show his friends the cause of drinking invisible juice what would look like. The last place took place at the convention where Zack and Spencer had to show their made up ice cream.The beginning started off quiet. Zack woke up out of his bed. Then he had to pack his things to go to school. He was running for the bus so he wouldn’t get late to school. Lastly, he finally caught the bus so he didn’t get late to school.The middle was when the conflict happened. Zack had went through another hard day of school. Then him and Spencer went to his house. So Zack was very thirsty and then he asked Spencer can he get some lemonade. Then he saw a yellow cup and he said “ never mind “ and he drinked it.After Zack had found out that he drinked invisible juice, he was worried. Hi and Spencer were worried. They were worried because they had a contest and they were the top 5 com peters for who ever made the their own good ice cream. So they had to come up with something quick. Or else Zack is not going to be in the pic for the NY times newspaper.The climax was really exciting. Zack couldn’t believe that he was naked. But no one couldn’t see him because he was still invisible. So, when Spencer got on the stage on the convention, Zack stood next to him right where Spencer was standing. Then he noticed that he was under the heat, which means he’s going to be visible and naked.The resolution was solve and ended happily. Spencer told Zack before he became invisible, that if your under heat and your invisible, your going to be visible again. So when Zack was next to Spencer, they were under the heat. So Zack felt something, which was the same feeling he had when he vanished. Then it hit him, he was getting back to him old self. Then he ran and he saw a dress up costume that he can wear when he came back so he wouldn’t be naked in front of everyone. So Lastly, he put it on and he ran up the stage when he figured out they won, and took the NY times picture for Len and Larry’s ice cream contest.