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Men of Honor Anthology Sara York

Men of Honor Anthology

Sara York

170 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Fractured Honor by Cassandre DayneJackson Freemont was a proud marine. Having served his country for three tours, he was ready to retire. On the last night in Afghanistan, tragedy stuck, pitching Jazz into a fractured mental state. Waking upMoreFractured Honor by Cassandre DayneJackson Freemont was a proud marine. Having served his country for three tours, he was ready to retire. On the last night in Afghanistan, tragedy stuck, pitching Jazz into a fractured mental state. Waking up stateside, he wasn’t prepared for the anguish he was forced to face. Judgment was swift and harsh. Rage consumed him and he became a shell. Dishonorable?Brody Mullins and Jackson were childhood buddies. They’d shared everything including one night of passion, intimacy never mentioned or repeated. A respected JAG, he was assigned to help Jackson face his demons. After meeting, Brody had been unprepared for his heightened emotions, but had a job to do. As both men came to terms with the ugly accusations, old feelings surfaced, pushing them into facing their desires. One night could change their destiny.Cat Vs. Dog 3 by A.J. Llewellyn and Serena YatesGary Cooper and Ronald Coleman made the French Foreign Legion seem dangerous yet romantic in Beau Geste. Porky Pig made it even funnier in Ali Baba Bound. When Tommy Ockerse, AKA beta wolf shifter, Tank, thinks his lover James doesnt want him, he flees Denver for the Legion. And almost doesnt live long enough to regret it.Giving up everything seemed like a fine idea, but when reality of life in the rigorous training program hit hard, the hunk falls into a funk. When he sniffs out a homicidal cat shifter amongst the new recruits, Tommy knows this whole idea blows monkey chunks. How could he ever give up James, his friends Bryan and Cory, cozy dinners à deux with his man? And could he ever look anything but utterly ridiculous in a legionnaires white hat…the kepis blanc?Wounded Warriors by Patricia LoganWar takes a bitter toll. When Scott McCarthy returns from his second tour in Afghanistan, he’s a broken man, trying desperately to cope with the PTSD that’s threatening to destroy what’s left of his psyche. He seeks out help and meets a man with similar issues.Teegan Chase has lived his own hell on earth. Scarred and in constant physical pain, Teegan knows that he must learn to deal with the pain in his heart as well. A chance meeting with a handsome soldier gives him a glimmer of hope and the promise of a better future. When two wounded warriors come together, the healing really begins.AWOL by Edmond ManningPrivate Chase Kirkman fled Ft. Leonard Wood five weeks into his Basic Training. He’s just another drop out who couldn’t handle the disciplined Army life. But one man believes the ugly private might possibly be worth more. Specialist Andy Tanner has 24 hours to hunt the AWOL grunt through rural Missouri before Private Kirkman is 72 hours AWOL, a serious crime. Can Tanner use their mutual attraction to his advantage? Where can you run once you go AWOL?Serving Under The Gaydar by BL MorticiaDuring the pre-repeal of DADT, gay army men and women faced challenges while trying to serve. Being caught with their pants down would get them kicked out and shamed in front of fellow soldiers. Something no member of the armed forces wanted to deal with including Second Lieutenant, Darios Bright. A med student at the top of his class and worried about staying hidden, he shies away from his peers, gay or straight, except for his buddy Darcy McEvers.First Lieutenant Morrie Dunst wants to move up in rank while keeping his sexuality at bay. Because of an opportunity given to him by Colonel Peyton Jacobs, Morrie might be able to let loose while keeping his sights on the ultimate goal. Despite the challenges ahead, both men long to keep their careers intact and have a little fun. With the ugly threat of don’t ask, don’t tell rearing its ugly head, can they enjoy themselves without getting caught?Rough Riders by Shannon WestAlthough Dakota Greer is a hot, young newspaper reporter, he still has trouble maintaining a relationship. He wants one with no strings attached. He finds an Internet site that hooks him up with handsome, dominant Carl for some intimate “chats” over a webcam. At first it’s great, but Dakota soon finds he needs more. When he tells Carl, there’s no interest. Heartbroken, Dakota breaks it off and accepts an assignment to Afghanistan. He’s assigned to Lt. Col. Morgan’s battalion—a hardass commander who doesn’t have time for reporters. Surprised, Dakota recognizes him as Carl. As passion ignites, the colonel doesn’t want Dakota anywhere near a deadly combat zone.A Shot at Forever by Sara YorkInjured after his best friend, Richard, is gunned down on assignment, Dale searches out Richards family, hoping to help them come to terms with their loss, but what he finds is healing from Grant, his friends brother. Grant knows no relationship will fit with his busy schedule as a pilot, but for Dale, hes willing to give it a chance.