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Aislinn Kerry

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Loving another man is a sin...but loving a vampire is worse...In deeply religious 19th-century Italy, Valentino knows that admitting his attraction to men, even to himself, could put him in grave danger. The church prefers to burn vampires to keep their congregation living in fear and paying their tithes, but a sinner like Val would also do in a pinch.Val suppresses his sexual desires and joins the clergy, hoping to live a life of piety and devotion, until the day Dante, one of the devils own vampires, comes to him begging to confess his sins. Val can’t help his attraction to the vampire, and refuses to succumb to it, even as Dante tries to seduce him. But Val soon realizes he can no longer deny the truth of who he is, or what he wants.In desperation, and putting his life on the line to save the soul of the vampire he loves, Val searches for proof that a man can be a vampire without being damned. But his questions soon attract the church’s attention, and they arrest him, and also plan to make an example of him for the congregation to see.Will Val face a horrific execution, or will Dante somehow be able to rescue him in time?Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Historical